Working in the Clouds
Today we will be looking at the Read /Write Web. I will introduce you to the tools that make Web 2.0 and you will learning how many of them work.

The Web 20 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

What is Web 2.0?

What is the difference between the web you've been used to (web 1.0) and the new web (web 2.0). Although the term suggests a new version of the World Wide Web, it does not refer to an update to Web technical specifications, but to changes in the ways software developers and end-users use the web as a platform. We are use to doing our work on our desktop computers and then using the web to send it to someone or posting it as a personal web page. Now we can do our work ON the web. The platform changed from our desktop computer to the web. The web no longer just links information but it is now linking people. The Web 2.0 is people sharing, trading and collaborating. The Read /Write Web is about building networks and facilitating collaborations and sharing between users. We will examine many of these sites in this presentation. If we don't get through them all, remember that you can always come back to this wikispace to check them out on your own. http://10bestweb2tools.wikispaces.com/


A wiki (sometimes wiki wiki) is a piece of software that allows multiple authors to edit web page content. Ward Cunningham originally described a wiki as "the simplest online database that could possibly work".

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia created and maintained by the masses. But of course you knew that, didn't you? No matter how you feel about it, wikipedia is a great site, if only for the external links you can find in it. It's true that sites are valuable not only for their own content but for the links they provide.

Teachers go here to start your free wiki: http://www.wikispaces.com/site/for/teachers

Wiki link to this presentation: http://10bestweb2tools.wikispaces.com/

    1. Wikihow
    2. Wikispaces - They're giving away 100,000 FREE wikis! Get one before it's too late
    3. Wikibooks
    4. Using wikis in Education
    5. World Wikia
    6. Wikipedia linked to Google Earth
    7. AmbientLibrarian - DO check this out!
Alan Levine's Wikispaces - Incudes 50 Ways to Tell a Digital Story
Aristotal Experiment - Example of how this school in California are using wikis in the curriculum.
The Continuing Tennis Ball Story - elementary
Flat Classroom Project- Award winning global classroom project.

Sample Wikis from the classroom:

Novelles Fraicheshttp://novellesfraiches.wikispaces.com/
Face of Godhttp://faceofgod.wikispaces.com/
Look God Speakshttp://look-godspeaks.wikispaces.com/
Histoires d'en rire http://histoiresderire.wikispaces.com/
Struggles in El Salvador - http://struggleelsalvador.wikispaces.com/


blogchronological orderto maintain or add content to a blog.
online diariesartlogphotoblogsketchblogvlogMP3 blogpodcastingsocial media
Blogging Workshop
Pedagogy of Blogging
Library of Congress Blog
The Caucus: The New York Times Politics Blogttp://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/

Samples from the classroom:

Interactive Classroom on Blogger
AP Pensamientoshttp://pensamientosap.blogspot.com/
Mon Journalhttp://madame-monjournal.blogspot.com/
Nouvelles Fraicheshttp://madamednouvellesfraiches.blogspot.com/
Hablando - http://hablando918.blogspot.com/


Digital Storytelling In the WEB 2.0 Era
Alan Levine's Wikispaces
VoiceThread - VoiceThreads in the Classroom
Sample VoiceThread

Other samples of Voice Thread in the classroom
Calling All Chimerahttp://callallchimera.wikispaces.com/
Heart of my Hearthttp://heartofmyheart.wikispaces.com/
Heart Dissection Testhttp://voicethread.com/#u617584.b770793.i4092319
Propaganda Postershttp://voicethread.com/#q+propaganda.b693805.i4230034
God Speakshttp://look-godspeaks.wikispaces.com/
Le Petit Prince Chapitres 11, 12, 13 -http://voicethread.com/#q+petit+prince.b366407.i1935928
Tintin et les adjectifeshttp://voicethread.com/#q+tintin.b332237.i1761858
Soyons a la modhttp://voicethread.com/#q+soyons.b477767.i2544340
Visiting Shakespearehttp://visitingshakespeare.wikispaces.com/
Art Videoshttp://voicethread.com/#q+art.b13870.i86413
Camparing Bach and Paul McCarthy http://bit.ly/aVGxrs

Animoto -http://animoto.com/

Animoto in Educationhttp://animoto.com/education
Regional Secondary School chronical of balsa bridge building contesthttp://animoto.com/education/case_studies#bridgebuilding
Children's Crusade for Civil Rightshttp://animoto.com/education/case_studies#civilrights
Stations Alive - Reflections on the stations of the Cross http://stationsalive.wikispaces.com/
Vision of Night - An introduction to the study of the book "Night" http://visionnight.wikispaces.com/
Here is a sample Video - Family



A feeling

Blabberized http://blabberize.com/main/
A blabber is a talking picture

Wordle http://wordle.net/

This web tool that will generate "word clouds" from text you provide. The more frequently a word appears in your source text, the larger it will be in the cloud. With this clever tool you can even change fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends.
To keep phrases together use the tiled symbol between words for example Lesson~Plan.
  • Create stunning images from words you input, either by typing, pasting, or direct URL.
  • The more times the word appears, the bigger it will be
  • Word phrases will be separated unless you use a character to tie them together (ex: PerkUp instead of Perk Up)
  • Be careful of what is in the "gallery", as this is not a moderated site. Send students straight to http://wordle.net/create
  • Take a screen shot to save the Wordle.
Blog by the creator of Wordle - http://blog.wordle.net/

    • Picture1.png


a new fun tool that allows you to create right on the browser. You can create your own interactive glog on which you can incorporate text, images, animations, sound, hyperlinks and video.

En Ce Temps -La..http://encetemps-la.wikispaces.com/
Histoires d'en rirehttp://histoiresderire.wikispaces.com/
Green Screening for Dummies - http://storiescomealive.wikispaces.com/
Gifted for Mission - http://giftedformission.wikispaces.com/
Alike or Different - Comparison of the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim religions. http://alikedifferent.wikispaces.com/
Struggles in El Salvador - http://struggleelsalvador.wikispaces.com/

A free web 2.0 tool that allows you to make your own 3d animated movies. You select the scene, you pick your characters, you write the script, you and effects, sound, animation,etc. You can edit your movie by rendering it as you go along. When you are finished and you tell it it's a wrap it post the movie to your xtranormal account and gives you the embed code so you can share.

  • Create animated movies with nothing but text.
  • Choose from nine pre-designed "sets" on the free version.
  • Add the script, select camera angles, dictate actions and facial expressions, and insert needed pauses and gestures.
  • Choose from a variety of characters and accents, including other languages.

Below is my first attempt.

Familles Normaleshttp://famillesnormales.wikispaces.com/
Patricia va a Californiahttp://patriciacalifornia.wikispaces.com/

No longer FREE

MeMoov - MEMoov.com A good alternative to xtrnormal

create animated movies
create animated movies

Start by choosing the scene, then the characters and then pick the expression. Also decide the way you want the character to move and add your voice (which I think is pretty cool ). For some characters, you can also modify the looks and the attire. Add various effects and save your video.

You can also share your animation videos easily. And if you become their pro user, you get to upload your own characters and backgrounds. Moreover you can browse and watch users created videos and check out public channels.
The service is still being worked on, features such as comments and ratings are coming soon.
  • Easily create animated movies online.
  • Choose the scene, character, expressions and much more.
  • Add your voice to any character.
  • Add a number of different effects.
  • Browse and watch users created videos.
  • Similar tools: GoAnimate, Xtranormal and AniBOOM.
Check out Memoov @ www.memoov.com (by Abhijeet from Jeet Blog)

ZooBurst An digital pop up book that can be viewed in augmented realty

Drop.io http://drop.io

WE lost this great tool. They were bought out by Facebook.

We have replaced the functionality of recording and storing sound files with 4shared.com

**4shared**.com - free file sharing and storage

Voki -

Voki is a free service that allows you to create personalized speaking avatars and use them on your blog, profile, and in email messages or anywhere else you would like to embed them.

JayCut http://jaycut.com
Let's you create movies and slideshows in an instant or make remixes of existing content. All this and much more is made possible with JayCut. No download or installation is needed to use the video editor and it works just as well on a PC, Mac or Linux computer. Solutions for netbooks and many mobile devices are also available.

Release of new version is slated for Feb. 22

Gcast - http://www.gcast.com


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JING - http://www.jingproject.comanother fabulous new app. This will screen capture what ever is on your computer. You can also open your web cam and it will capture the video. The final product is a flash file. They give you the embed code so it can be embedded on most web sites like wikispaces and blogs. In the free version you get 2Gs of storage space on screencast.
You need to go to the web site given above to down load the app to your computer. The flles you make are stored in screencast as swf files. If you upgrade to the pro version the files will be MP4 and therefore a lot smaller in size.

Social Bookmarking

Del.icio.us del.icio.us/csiwins
Wikipedia article

Photo Sharing

Flickr allows you to post and tag your photos and make them publicly available. Check out Mashups, too. VERY cool stuff! Webmonkey Oh, and check this out: Qoop . Now you can get your Flickr photos published in a book for only $15.95. What a great way to keep your classroom pictures around for future classes to see - or for YOU to keep.

The Commons
To post SlideShare, or Toondoo to a wiki or blog you must first make your creation public then you can see the code to embed. On Toondoo I used the non Flash code because the Flash code didn't allow me to see the entire cartoon.
Once you have the code, go to edit the wiki page and use the TV icon (widget) and select other HTML and paste in your code. You won't see it work until you save the edit.
This presentation given by Carol Siwinski, Instructional Technology Coordinator for Mount Saint Joseph Academy.

How to Add Elements

Although all the sites above are different, the procedure for placing embed code is very similar. Follow the directions below to learn how to embed HTML into your project or website.

  1. Follow the instructions on each site to create the element you want to embed - avatar, slideshow, timeline, scrapbook, etc.
  2. When you are finished, look for a link or an area of the website with "embed this" or "share this". The goal is to find the HTML "embed code" for the thing you just created.
  3. Once you find the HTML code, highlight it all and copy it.
  4. Go to your webpage, wikispace, blog, etc.
  5. Go to the page where you want to put the element you just created.
  6. Find the place on the site where you add widgets or HTML code. (In Wikispaces it's the TV icon)
  7. Paste in the HTML that you copied from the website where you created the element you are embedding.
  8. Save your page.

Tips for Editing HTML
You can always go back into the HTML you pasted to edit it. Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • To change the size of the embedded object, look in the HTML for dimensions and tags that look like this: width=, height=, etc. Change those numbers to whatever you want to change the size of the object.
  • To remove unwanted ads and/or text at the bottom of the widget, look for "<a href=" towards the bottom. Normally you can delete from there until the end of the html, but to be sure, end where you see "</a>".
  • You can sometimes change the size and color of the border if there is one. Look for "border" in the HTML.

Created by Carol Siwinski all rights reserved